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Welcome to my website!  I have been tuning and repairing pianos for
over 20 years and serve all of Fairfield County and select areas of
New Haven County.  

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Gina Bonfietti
Why do you need to tune your piano?

Whether it is brand new, a family heirloom, or a starter piano for your
child, your piano is an investment that you need to protect with regular
service.  Pianos are greatly affected by changes in humidity, regular
tunings will keep your piano sounding and playing its best!  Besides, my
two daughters take lessons and I want them to hear the correct notes as
they play!
What I do...

Regular service includes tuning the piano to A440 Concert pitch and if
needed, some minor regulating is needed to keep pianos in top condition.

Tuning - The number of times a piano needs to be tuned depends on
changes in humidity, use, and the quality of the instrument.  Most people
have their pianos tuned every six months, if you are a musician, you
probably want to tune your piano more often.

Regulating - Minor adjustments to the insides of your piano (the action)
are needed over time as the wood, felt, and other components in your
piano shrink and swell with changes in humidity.

Piano Life Saver System - Your piano is greatly affected by the
humidity here in New England.  What can you do to protect your piano,
short of running your air conditioning from April to November?  Ask me
about Dampp Chaser Humidity Control Systems!

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Finally, a piano I can not tune!
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