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My name is Gina Bonfietti and I have been tuning
and repairing pianos for over 20 years.  I serve all
of Fairfield County and select areas of New Haven
County.  I hope you will find the information here
useful.  Please feel free to contact me with any
Associate Member of the Piano Technicians Guild
Second generation Piano Technician  
Piano Life Saver Systems Certified Installer & Field Expert
Why do you need to tune your piano?

Whether it is brand new, a family heirloom, or a starter piano for your child, your piano is an
investment that you need to protect with regular service.  Pianos are greatly affected by changes in
humidity, regular tunings will keep your piano sounding and playing its best!  Besides, my two
daughters take lessons and I want them to hear the correct notes as they play!
What I do...

Regular service includes tuning the piano to A440 Concert pitch and periodically, some minor
regulating is needed to keep pianos in top condition.

Tuning - The number of times a piano needs to be tuned depends on changes in humidity, use, and
the quality of the instrument.  Most people have their pianos tuned every six months, if you are a
musician, you probably want to tune your piano more often.

Regulating - Minor adjustments to the insides of your piano (the action) are needed over time as the
wood, felt, and other components in your piano shrink and swell with changes in humidity.

Piano Life Saver System - Your piano is greatly affected by the humidity here in New England.  
What can you do to protect your piano, short of running your air conditioning from April to
November?  Ask me about Dampp Chaser Humidity Control Systems!

Piano Life
Saver System
203-882-8082 (cell 203-500-1040 emergencies only) or email me at
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The Inside Scoop -
What the heck is going
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Information on repairs
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With this cold winter weather, I
encourage you to run a humidifier and
keep your heat on the low side to
prevent excessive dryness which can
damage your piano.  Ask me about a
Humidity Control System for your