About Gina

Piano Technician

Gina Bonfietti learned piano tuning and repair from her father, Gino Bonfietti, about 30 years ago when she was in high school. Her father retired in 1990 and she inherited his business. Gina has been tuning and repairing pianos every since!

Gina Bonfietti
“Gina is phenomenal! She got my 70 year old piano sounding like new. Highly recommend!”

Gina Bonfietti – My Story

I tune for professional musicians, teachers, students, schools, places of worship, restaurants, hotels and everyone in between. Over the years I have benefitted from my membership in the Piano Technicians Guild, a national organization of qualified piano technicians.


​My family and I love the beach, skiing and adventure parks, all are great fun and are great workouts. My other interests are nutrition and exercise.

My two daughters were born in Vietnam, so naturally I have a love this wonderful country, it’s people and it’s delicious food.

There is always lots of music in our house! In addition to piano, my daughters play or have played the guitar, cello, violin, and harp.


I continue to attend Regional and National Piano Technician Conventions where I learn new skills and get to check out all the new tools! Recently, I went to a week long Grand Action Rebuilding Course held at Renner Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Next up, this coming May I will be attending a Grand Regulation Intensive in Kansas.

What Can I Help You With?

Piano Tuning, Repair, Regulation, Humidity Control System, Consultation for Buying and Selling & Moving Pianos, Soundboard covers, Caster cups, Piano Bench.

  • Creator of the Milford Street Piano.
  • Member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1990.
  • Piano Life Saver System Certified Installer/Field Expert with over 350 installations.


(203) 882-8082